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UPDATED 5-9-20

Available for download is a file that will enable you to put over 2,500 transcripts and slides from Dr. Dean’s Bible studies on your computer for quick access plus the ability to search for key words, doctrines, verses, topics, etc.


This updated file includes the addition of new transcripts since 7/1/14.

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The Baptist Church south of Johannesburg where Robby taught shortly after arriving in S. Africa. Here is Robby with Pastor Kurt Norman.

Baptist Church 96 2 Pastors Outside 96
Pastors S Africa scenery 96 2 Pastors 96
Baptist Church 96 Church Parking Lot 96
RLD at Baptist Church Cross 96
Church Office 96 End of Church Bldg 96
 Joint of Church Bldg 96  Linda and Pam 96
 Be Strong 96  Church Member Photos 96


September 19 in Livingstone, Zambia Teaching at The Church Gilgal Worship Centre with Pastor Charles Musonda

 Zambia countryside 96
Charles has been listening to Robby since 2007. Robby taught his congregation on the Faith-Rest Drill.

Viewing the Wildlife in Zimbabwe (September 21)

Lion of the Tribe of Judah Lionness in shade
2 Lions 2Lions 96
Baptist Church 96  
Note from Robby on 9/21/22: I feel a little tired. It's a hot day but incredible. We saw two lionesses attacking a herd of cape buffalo and kill a young one. We were too far away to get pictures but came upon them soon after. We saw over 100 elephants and giraffes all standing off and away watching the lions and their kill. The cape buffalo went into a tight huddle and moved en masse.

More Wildlife in Zimbabwe (September 22)

 Hut 96

Wildlife in S. Africa (September 23)

 Lion PE 86  elephants near bush 96
 Rhino 96  Rhino standing 96

Another Day Viewing Wildlife in S. Africa (September 24)

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