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The files available on Dean Bible Ministries are primarily PDF (Portable Document Format) and therefore can be stored, viewed, and printed on numerous platforms such as computers, iPads/tablets, and smartphones.
Image files and some illustrations are in the popular JPG format which can also be viewed on multiple platforms.

The site also includes Microsoft PowerPoint files as well as Microsoft Word documents. If you do not have Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Microsoft offers free viewers that can be installed. Visit Microsoft's website ( to obtain the latest viewers.


The site also offers some Zip files which are several files of the previous types archived into a single file.

Crisis in Pastoral Leadership

183.71 KB
Demon Possession and the Christian

Popular 317.4 KB
Dispensational Theology Essentials

31.25 KB
Dispensationalism Reading List

Popular 131.47 KB
Doctrine of Eternal Security

Popular 19.22 KB
Doctrine of Faith

13.23 KB
Doctrine of Healing

Popular 41.77 KB
Doctrine of Imputation and Justification

Popular 6.23 KB
Doctrine of Israel's Feasts

6.36 KB
Doctrine of Marriage

Popular 17.92 KB