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Galatians 5:16-23 teaches that at any moment we are either walking by the Holy Spirit or according to the sin nature. Walking by the Spirit, enjoying fellowship with God, walking in the light are virtually synonymous. During these times, the Holy Spirit is working in us to illuminate our minds to the truth of Scripture and to challenge us to apply what we learn. But when we sin, we begin to live based on the sin nature. Our works do not count for eternity. The only way to recover is to confess (admit, acknowledge) our sin to God the Father and we are instantly forgiven, cleansed, and recover our spiritual walk (1 John 1:9). Please make sure you are walking by the Spirit before you begin your Bible study, so it will be spiritually profitable.

Can We Trust the Bible (2004)

September 2004 - November 2004

This series covers subjects such as "The Claims of the Bible" and the validation of those claims, Archaeology and the Old Testament, prophecy fulfilled, incredible predictions, and how we got both the Old and New Testaments.

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Sun, Sep 19, 2004
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 9 secs
Sun, Sep 26, 2004
Duration: 56 mins 41 secs
Sun, Oct 03, 2004
Duration: 52 mins 58 secs
Sun, Oct 10, 2004
Duration: 58 mins 37 secs
Sun, Oct 17, 2004
Duration: 56 mins 3 secs
Sun, Oct 24, 2004
Duration: 58 mins 16 secs
Sun, Oct 31, 2004
Duration: 53 mins 58 secs
Sun, Nov 07, 2004
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 21 secs