Overview of the 2020 Conference

jewish torah scroll cropThe annual Chafer Theological Seminary (CTS) Pastors’ Conference is open to theologians, pastors, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible. It is a tremendous opportunity for all attendees to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and to enjoy fellowship with other like-minded believers.

The 2020 Chafer Theological Seminary Pastors’ Conference will take place March 9–11.

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Improving our Understanding of Biblical Worship

In the last half-century the understanding of the corporate worship of God in evangelical churches has undergone a radical change. Is this a change in a biblical or non-biblical direction? What exactly is worship?

In his book, Recalling the Hope of Glory, Dr. Allen P. Ross states, “If worship loses its God centeredness, it ceases to be a holy convocation and may become something akin to a common assembly, a rally, a theatrical performance, or an awards ceremony. This is not true worship. People should come away from a worship service with a fresh awareness of the majesty of God, with a desire to glorify God, and with a renewed commitment to serve God.”

What is a biblical, God-centered worship service, and how do we structure it? Further, the very definition of worship has shifted from the broad application to all of what we do in church on a Sunday morning service, to only the singing. Is that valid? How should we address the many issues which have arisen along with the evolution of contemporary Christian worship?

These are simply a few of the questions which our two speakers will address. Dr. Bruce Baker recently told me that, after reading several recent books on worship, “Dr. Ross’ scriptural insights and biblically grounded reflections have a maturity that goes far beyond any other book available on the subject.”

Dr. Ross will take us through a framework for a biblical theology of worship, which will open up the Word of God on the subject and challenge many of our presuppositions and opinions on worship.

To complement Dr. Ross’ studies, Dr. Scott Aniol will further challenge and develop our understanding of the role, purpose, and standards for music in worship.

Worship is at the center of our relationship with God. As we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ our worship should be transformed as well.