Dean Bible Ministries

Dean Bible Ministries is the media outlet for the teaching ministry of Robert Dean Jr, the pastor of West Houston Bible Church. This ministry was formed to provide free distribution of sound Bible teaching media and materials for it is our desire to reach as many people as possible with the simplicity of the Gospel of salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone and to provide spiritual nourishment to those who have put their trust in Christ and have come to understand the importance of a daily intake of the Word of God, the Bible, with our ultimate goal being to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

In keeping with our core philosophy of ministry, our mission is tenfold:

  • To introduce solid verse by verse biblical teaching to those who are new to the scriptures and who seek to grow spiritually.
  • To provide supplemental Bible classes for the edification of fellow believers in various churches
  • To provide training materials for those who seek advanced training as Christian leaders
  • To help people understand how the principle of Scripture provide the foundation for thinking in every area of intellectual activity
  • To show how biblical teaching provides a framework for understanding the role of the Christian citizen in the nation
  • To provide an education in the historic and archaeological evidence for the Scriptures. This is enhanced through the various Bible lands tours sponsored by Dean Bible Ministries.
  • To investigate current cultural, religious, scientific, and political trends for the purpose of being able to provide a framework for understanding contemporary issues on the basis of biblical thought.
  • To provide instruction on the historic importance of Israel to the Bible and the future fulfillment of biblical prophecy’
  • To provide a mechanism for listeners in local areas to learn of each other and thus aid in starting a local assembly
  • To provide video teaching to those local assemblies that are not yet developed enough to support a pastor

Since its founding, Dean Bible Ministries has distributed thousands of Bible class DVDs and has provided thousands upon thousands of MP3 audio downloads and online video Bible classes. Numerous small local assemblies without the means to support a resident pastor utilize our media for their worship services as well as individuals throughout the world use our media for personal and family studies.  

Our ministry has always been and will forever be a grace operation. There is no cost associated with anything we produce. We believe God will provide the resources through the grace gifts of believers who freely contribute to support this ministry. 

It is our hope and prayer that you find these materials edifying as you grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What We Offer

Dean Bible Ministries offers hundreds of hour-long Bible classes in online audio and video formats complete with supporting files such as slide presentations and class notes and transcripts. We also provide single-class and multiple-class DVDs through online ordering free of charge. Our website is updated often with new content added weekly. 

We also include news of upcoming conferences and events that may be of interest to those who listen to our classes regularly. 

Please bookmark this website and come back for a visit often – and tell a friend!