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Note: This tour is now sold out

Museum of the Bible–Washington, D.C.

April 25–28, 2018

Announcing an exciting tour of the new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. Make plans for you and your entire family to join Dean Bible Ministries and National Capital Bible Church for three days touring the Museum of the Bible and our nation’'s capital. The museum will open in Nov., 2017. It will be the 4th largest museum in the D.C. area and the most technologically advanced museum in the world.

When and Where:

Arrive April 25, 2018 - depart April 28, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Group Hotel:

We have secured accommodations at the Hilton Garden Inn, Arlington/Courthouse Plaza. We have reserved 30 rooms at the following special rates for our group, which includes full complimentary breakfast. 15 rooms feature one king-size bed and 15 rooms have two queen-size beds. For those with children, another bed can be added to your room upon request.

Single and double occupancy rate
Triple occupancy rate $189*
Quad occupancy rate $199*

* Per night, plus taxes and fees

To make reservations, please click the following link to the hotel to reserve your room directly with the hotel, and secure it with a deposit: Hilton Garden Inn Reservation Link

Once your hotel room has been reserved, please contact us at and provide the following information so that we can make arrangements for your family:

1. Full names, relationship (spouse, son, daughter, etc.), and age of children in your party. 
2. Date/time of arrival.
3. Contact information: address, cell phone #s, e-mail address where you can be contacted with additional information about this trip.
4. Your confirmation # at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.


NEW: A tour brochure is now available by clicking here for viewing on your computer.

More About the Museum:

The Museum of the Bible is the fourth largest museum in the DC area. The focus is on the history and impact of the Bible in history. One of the highlights will be an Israel Museum exhibit (on loan from Jerusalem). The Museum of the Bible is the only museum outside of Israel exhibiting artifacts from the Israel Museum. For those who are unable to make a trip to Israel, this will be quite an opportunity.

For more information please go to these websites and check out the various videos:

Museum of the Bible website

Watch Museum of the Bible Come to Life!

Museum of the Bible brochure

Sign up for the Museum of the Bible Newsletter

Free Resources from the Museum of the Bible

Engage with the Bible – from the Museum of the Bible

NEW 8/1/17: Also, Dr. Dean visited the Museum of the Bible while under construction during 2016 and gave a special report on it during the Samuel Lesson #60. Please view the video and/or the slides associated with this class for additional information.

More About the Trip:

(this is a work in progress so please keep checking back for updates) – New Updates 2/13/18

Just confirmed (11/17/17): On Thursday night, April 26th, we will be given a special tour of the U.S. Capitol building and a congressional briefing by Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX, 1st District).

Confirmed (2/13/18): Thursday afternoon at 2:15 we will have an opportunity to meet with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

  1. Plan to arrive on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 for the full experience. However, some of you may only be able to participate for 1 or 2 days. That is fine.

    Our plan is to encourage those who are travelling by air to arrive at Reagan National Airport and take the Metro (train) to the hotel. Alternative travel would be to use Uber or a taxi. However, as a group, we plan to use the Metro for most travel around the city in order to lower the expense of the trip. Parking and car rental can be quite expensive in DC., and a Metro station is within a block of our hotel.

  2. The MOTB does not charge per se, but asks for a donation. For groups though, they ask for a $12 per person ticket fee. They also ask for additional fees for two of the special events, the David and Goliath exhibit and the Fly Board (Washington Ride) exhibit. We have negotiated a price of $12 per person for the entire three days which includes these two additional exhibits at no extra charge.

    *If you have a MOTB membership which allows you free entry for yourself and some guests please let us know.

  3. For an additional cost of $8 per person, the following tours are available. You will need to sign up for them in advance.
    1. Translating the Bible - $8/person
      1 Hour
      The earliest attempts to translate the Bible into English contained all the elements and intrigue to produce a New York Times best seller: power, passion, corruption, betrayal, persecution, oppression and death. This tour highlights the Bibles that emerged out of this tumultuous period.

    2. It’s Complicated: The Bible’s Impact - $8/person
      1 Hour
      The impact of the Bible on our society has been profound and it has influenced our views of government, human rights, and issues related to crime and justice. This tour will explore historical and contemporary examples of the complicated and sometimes contradictory ways the Bible has influenced our society.

    3. The Bible in American History - $8/person
      1 Hour
      Walk with us through America’s history and the impact the Bible had, starting with religious separatists seeking freedom from religious persecution to today. Visit reminders that we still hold “self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights ...”

    4. Biblical Gardens - $8/person
      1 Hour
      The Bible is filled with references to the plants and natural climate of the Middle East. Come stroll with us through our rooftop garden and enjoy interesting conversation about the natural environment and the many plant varieties mentioned throughout the Bible.

    5. The Bible as Muse - $8/person
      1 Hour
      This tour will highlight the many creative works inspired by the Bible. Fine art, illustration, music, dance, fashion, and film are vital methods for humanity’s expression of religious ideas. No other book in western history has been such a catalyst for artists, styles, and movements.

    6. Technology + Architecture: Designing the Museum - $8/person
      1 Hour
      The Museum of the Bible design is rife with examples of technological modernity mixed with preservation of the past. This tour will peel back the architectural vision that transformed this turn-of-the-century refrigeration warehouse into a modern technologically-advanced museum dedicated to an ancient, storied text.

    7. The World of Jesus of Nazareth - $8/person
      1 Hour
      Explore the world in which Jesus of Nazareth lived. Enter a replica first century Jewish village and talk with persons as they go about their daily life. Hear their stories of the world around them as they live with the political and religious uncertainty during the days of Jesus’s ministry.

    8. Dead Sea Scrolls & the Earliest Bibles - $8/person
      1 Hour
      Trash heaps and forgotten libraries – what can archaeological discoveries tell us about the earliest biblical manuscripts? How does the Bible we know today compare with the texts used by Jews and Christians hundreds of years ago? Join us on the tour and discover the fascinating story!

  4. Each day we plan to meet for breakfast and Bible study around 7:15–8:15 AM in a designated room. Pastors Dan Inghram and Robby Dean will be teaching.

  5. Then (Th, Fr, Sat) we will all meet at the MOTB to enter together at 9:15 AM (this may be modified). Please plan to be on time and not delay the rest of the group by tardiness. We strongly suggest you use Metro for transportation between the hotel and museum.

  6. The Capitol tour will be led by Congressman Louie Gohmert-TX, District 1. This will also include a congressional briefing.

  7. We hope you and your family will join us on this exciting spring trip to our nation’s capital and the new Museum of the Bible. Please remember, you must click on the hotel link to make your own reservations:

Hilton Garden Inn Reservation Link.

And then contact us at to furnish us the information on your party.

Note that you are responsible for your own transportation to/from Washington, D.C.

More information will be forthcoming, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at .

We hope to have you join us!

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